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Concord Saddle Pad - CYAN


Manufactured in South Australia from Australian Materials, the Concord saddle pad fleece is 100% natural wool fibre, blended to maximise pile density and durability. Machine washable and will not mat or pill.


  • Choose from 20 Trim Colours

Concord Saddle Pad - Cyan

  • Size


    52cm drop

    60cm length

    Measurements within the fleece buffer to ensure saddle sits on the Quilting, not the fleece. 

  • Postage Rates

    • Accessories $12.00
    • One Saddle Pad - $15.00
    • Two Saddle Pads - $24.00
    • More than 2 Saddle Pads, Horse Rugs and Larger orders postage will be invoiced once packed. See below:

    Due to the huge variety of orders, and the many different destinations we send to for all products outside of 1-2 saddle pads we will confirm and invoice additional postage charges. We will endeavour to determine the best possible rate available for you depending on the total weight of your order and whether it's being sent to a rural location, city destination or overseas. While we realise this is not a usual process, we do this to provide you with the best service possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a shipping quote.